Federal Process & Investigation Agency

Constable Services

U.S. Dept of Justice ( Washington DC)

State of RI Child Support Enforcement ( Providence RI)

Law Offices of Maryann Patalano ( Providence)

Law Offices of Gorham & Gorham ( Scituate RI)

Law Offices of Joseph Carroll ( Woonsocket )

Howard Pourtney Esq ( North Smithfield)

Law Offices of John Desano Jr ( Warren RI )

Law Offices of Pierre Rondeau ( Woonsocket )

City of Woonsocket Municipal Court ( Woonsocket RI )

RI Child Support Service ( Providence RI )

These are some of our clients with many additional clients and pro se individuals.

Private Investigation Past Clients

City of Woonsocket (Mayor's Office)

Michael Ravelli Esq ( Worcester, MA)

Janet Alexander Esq (Woonsocket, RI)

R.E.P.M. Realty ( Woonsocket RI)

R & B Management ( Woonsocket RI)

Riverview Furniture ( Woonsocket, RI)


These are some of our clients.