Federal Process & Investigation Agency


Our firm is the originator of the 3 man team on a subject. We are radio equiped and use the latest video monitoring equipment. We are set up for divorce, child custody, business fraud, and environmental investigation.

Professional Operatives

Daryl Jamieson visiting FBI Washington DC 1995 for a tour. It is an important asset to continue learning thru your entire career and keeping abreast of new technology. We see the importance of this to better serve our clients and perform our tasks.


Our firm uses the latest debugging equipment such as RF ( Radio Frequency) and inline debugging units. We provide a thorough search of the premises for location of listening devices and will then report it to the local FBI office.


Database Skip Location   $75.00  active database search by name and date of birth for information

Out of State service of process @ $65.00 and up

Federal Court service of process $45.00 plus $.50 per mile roundtrip

RI State service of process $45.00

Dilagent attempt $15.00

Investigative service hourly per man $75.00 plus expense and mileage $.50.00

Mastercard & Visa accepted

Asset Recovery

Our firm has been handling recovery for 21 years we are licensed and bonded by RI State Law. We handle reposession companies investigations to locate subject so you can recover your asset faster. In Rhode Island it is unlawful to perform any type of investigation without a license. The RI Private Detective Act indicates that no investigation shall be performed without complying to this act.  We assist such companys in any facet of investigation of location of skips

Skip Location

We are famous for uncovering deadbeats, hard to find subjects. How with 21 hard years of experience. We have street contacts, multiple databases, court and municipal records at our disposal. Other private investigation agencies use us when they get tough files. We simply are the best but not the cheapest. But we do our best to find your subjects and deliver verified information. What we don't do is just use database information. We are professional investigators and constables and we get the jog done.


Collections what we do best. Our firm started out doing collections and has grown to be one of the best collection machines in Rhode Island. We do it the old fashioned way door to door. We do personal visits for business operations, banks, credit unions, small business. My experience Outside Collection Manager for Guaranteed Credit, Express Cars & Credit, Outside Credit Manager for A&W Artesian Well and Recovery Agent for Riverview Furniture Co. State Constable 10 years effectively collecting judgements for leading collection attorneys. Don't forget we have a location lawyer referal service if you need court action. My reputation for collections can be verified by my clients. Give us your toughest case.....